At BGOS Consulting Service, we are more than just a consulting service – we are your dedicated partner in transforming online experiences and mobile applications. Our mission is to convert visitors to your business partners into satisfied customers by providing a seamless interface and leveraging the expertise of our experienced team of strategists and developers.

IT Consultancy, IT and Business Project Delivery as well as On-going Support in a wide range of sectors and Organisations..

The innovative Consulting Services are set to redefine Business landscape.

With an unwavering commitment to meticulous attention to detail and a pursuit of excellence, BGOS Consulting Service transforms spaces into inspirational havens that elevate and enrich the lives of those who inhabit them. Please write to us info[AT]bgoscs.com

Our IT consulting services are undergoing a transformative evolution, poised to redefine the digital landscape. As a hub of technological innovation, client collaboration, and strategic expertise, we’re reshaping the future of IT solutions. The expansion of our services pays homage to our history while propelling us into a future where we remain a beacon of inspiration for businesses seeking unparalleled digital excellence.

Step into a new era of IT consulting with our refined and expanded services. Rooted in a legacy of technological prowess, we’re committed to leading the way in digital transformation. Our revamped approach embraces the latest advancements, ensuring we stand at the forefront of IT innovation. Join us in navigating the digital frontier, where tradition seamlessly meets forward-thinking solutions for businesses on the cutting edge.

Guiding your business through the Consulting

Experience the seamless integration of creativity and proficiency with BGOS Consulting Services – the catalyst for transformation solutions that enhance the digital landscape around us.

Meet our team

Our diverse team of experts spans a wide spectrum, encompassing seasoned strategists, skilled developers, and renowned professionals. At BGOS, our comprehensive suite of 50+ professionals is tailored to meet the varied needs of your project, ensuring excellence across every aspect of your business.

Bharat Singh

Managing Partner

Rakesh Choudhary

Managing Partner

Jitender Kumar


Nimish Sharma

Project Coordinator

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