Voice over Artist

Voice over artist can perform in a variety of projects, from completing voice-overs for commercials and movie trailers to portraying various animated characters. Depending on the project, a voice actor might work alone or with a group. Most of the work is done in a recording studio, with the voice actress reading lines in a recording booth while a sound engineer observes from the control room.

Voice actors are self-employed and typically have an erratic work schedule. They may experience times when there is a lot of work available, as well as times when they have few projects. Jobs for voice actresses can be long term, such as providing the voice for the main character in an animated series, or they may be very brief.

Voice over artist Duties
Good voice actresses are able to speak in multiple tones of voice and with various accents. The ability to speak clearly and with a pleasing voice is essential. Unlike stage, television and movie actors, voice actors typically don’t receive scripts in advance to allow them to rehearse and memorize their lines. Yet despite the lack of rehearsal time, voice actresses must be able to read from scripts in a natural, conversational way.

Voice over artist also are responsible for maintaining their voices. Many do vocal exercises. Frequent practice, particularly with new tones and accents, prevents voice actresses from straining their vocal cords.

Aspiring vocal actresses must make a habit of sending demo tapes to directors and frequently attend auditions. The field is very competitive, so voice actresses must be outgoing and network in order to find jobs.

There are no educational requirements to become a voice actor, but many schools that offer performing arts programs have courses in voice acting. Some of these are standalone, non-credit courses or workshops that can be taken for personal enrichment or professional development. Others are incorporated into degree programs in acting. Basic courses focus on performing voice-over work for a variety of mediums, and students typically practice reading scripts and receive feedback from industry professionals. Send your sample cv and demo to hr@bgoscs.com

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